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As a qualified joiner, I am usually based at my Charney Bassett workshop. Here I have the opportunity to work directly with a selection of raw and salvaged timbers, bringing them to life with reimagined purpose. Onsite throughout Oxfordshire, including Chipping Norton, my carpentry skills are often put to the test when addressing unusual angles and uneven surfaces. But I rise to the challenge, and that’s what gives Toffee Hammer Carpentry its good name.

To see examples of the bespoke carpentry and joinery work I do, feel free to visit my website gallery today. I undertake a wide range of bespoke joinery projects, crafting everything from coffee tables to made-to-measure wardrobes, and I am always open to enquiries.

Carpentry and Joinery Services

It’s my job to ensure the products I make match my Oxford and Chipping Norton clients’ expectations, and that my furniture is both functional and beautiful. This is particularly the case for Toffee Hammer Carpentry’s bespoke TV units as they are household installations that are used and seen every day.

My bespoke carpentry and bespoke joinery services include the following:

To hear more about the bespoke carpentry I create onsite in Oxford, Chipping Norton and the surrounding Oxfordshire areas, or the larger joinery products designed and manufactured at my workshop, please contact me today.

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Specialist Timbers

The following raw materials are mostly used at Toffee Hammer Carpentry. If you would like me to source alternative products, please let me know. 


This beautiful wood is still used in the production of Morgan sports cars and is grown in both the UK and North America. Its creamy sheen with natural streaks is widely popular. 

Birchwood Ply

Also known as birch plywood, this hardwearing timber is native to the northern parts of the US, Europe and Asia. Sheets of birch veneer are bonded together to produce the plywood I use. 

Salvaged Mahogany

I love using recycled wood for my bespoke joinery, giving an old piece of furniture a new lease of life and seeing it proudly displayed or used in a clients’ home. Salvaged mahogany is a definite favourite. 


Widely grown in the UK, France and Germany, English and European oaks are preferred by many due to their warm hues. The timbers are commonly used for furniture manufacturing.


Another timber that’s found in the northern hemisphere, pine is a go-to for rustic-looking furniture, skirting boards, architraves and internal doors.


Prevalent in Central and West Africa, sapele is from the same family as mahogany. The wood’s colour changes throughout the grain, from pale yellow to a deep reddish brown. 


Predominantly grown in North America, walnut can be sourced across Europe. Its distinctive colouring gives it a sophisticated appeal that clients are easily drawn to. 


For lower-priced projects, I am happy to work with MDF – medium density fibreboard. It’s easy to carve and will always produce smooth and attractive edges.

Toffee Hammer Carpentry – Small but Mighty

To learn more about my bespoke carpentry and joinery services for clients in Oxford, Chipping Norton and throughout Oxfordshire, call me today on 07766 162236.