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I am more than happy to help my Oxfordshire clients out with suggestions relating to all aspects of my bespoke carpentry and bespoke joinery. Having worked in the trade for over 12 years, and heading Toffee Hammer Carpentry since 2017, I’ve picked up a lot of useful tips along the way. These are particularly evident when I’m discussing made-to-measure wardrobes as my Chipping Norton clients often look for inspiration regarding the best storage solutions. 

I also specialise in bespoke TV units and handmade furniture and gifts.

Walk-In Wardrobes

Have you considered a walk-in wardrobe? If there’s space in your bedroom to have one installed, why not go for it? It’s as simple as installing a large panel behind the headboard with access at either end. Away from prying eyes, this newly created space can be fitted with a variety of storage options, including:

Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

Alternatively, I can design and create a range of floor-to-ceiling cupboards for Chipping Norton clients, each designated to a specific task. For instance, if you have a collection of long dresses, then you need longer hanging space. The same goes for shirts. The allocated section should be high enough to accommodate two rows without those items on top getting caught up in the hangers on the bottom. 

Suit Storage

As for suits, hanging them together as one unit is quite bulky. I suggest a trouser rail underneath a standard one specifically for shirts and jackets. Ties should have a rack as well, which can be easily fitted to the back of the door. If you don’t want hinged doors in your new made-to-measure wardrobes, I can use my bespoke joinery skills to divide a drawer specifically for the ties or position the rail elsewhere. As with my bespoke TV units, anything is possible.

Shoe Storage

Shoes should have a separate section completely and plenty of storage space allocated for them. Pull-out shoe racks are very popular and can be fitted at the bottom of each section if not positioned in a unit of their own.

Drawers and Shelves

As with all the handmade furniture and bespoke TV units produced at Toffee Hammer Carpentry for my Chipping Norton and Oxfordshire clients, I can add as many drawers as you wish. For wardrobe interiors these are perfect for smaller items of clothing, scarfs and gloves. They can also be sectioned off to facilitate jewellery and cosmetics.

Shelving is a huge part of all bespoke carpentry and joinery, and I cannot emphasise enough how important it is. Having plenty of shelving provides spaces for:

I’m available to offer advice regarding made-to-measure wardrobe interiors and optional extras for all the handmade furniture pieces I design and create here. Just give me a call to find out more about my bespoke carpentry and bespoke joinery.

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