Made-to-Measure Wardrobes in Oxford, Chipping Norton and the Surrounding Areas

Having overcrowded wardrobes and dressers in any bedroom will result in a cluttered atmosphere, no matter how you try to address it. If you don’t have enough storage space, then you’re fighting a losing battle. It’s the same in every room – kitchens, bathrooms, living areas. What you need is a bespoke system that suits your requirements specifically.

Toffee Hammer Carpentry designs, constructs and installs made-to-measure wardrobes to suit every room and every angle. For my clients in Oxford, Chipping Norton and the surrounding Oxfordshire areas, I guarantee a solution to your storage needs.

I also design and create a range of bespoke and commission-based furniture and gifts.

Unique and Tailor-Made Storage Solutions

Made-to-measure wardrobes have many advantages. To begin with, they maximise the space in a bedroom as each section is custom-built to slot into the most awkward areas. This means it’s possible to utilise corners and narrow alcoves, as well as the full height of the room in question.

For clients with larger rooms that appear too spacious and unwelcoming, full-width wardrobes can present a more compact feel.

I welcome challenges that test my joinery and carpentry skills. My made-to-measure units can enlarge or enclose a bedroom; it’s all about approaching a project with a creative mind and thinking outside of the box.

My expertise in carpentry and joinery truly comes to light where my Oxford and Chipping Norton clients live in older properties with uneven ceilings and walls. I can craft timbers to sit flush to irregular-shaped walls, something a ready-made or standard wardrobe design can’t achieve. For sloped roofs, hanging spaces can be fit into place with pull-out units inserted behind, utilising every aspect of the area beneath the eaves.

white cupboardwall cupboardbedroom wardbobes

Most importantly, Toffee Hammer Carpentry’s Oxfordshire clients get to design the interior of my made-to-measure wardrobes completely, although I am happy to offer advice regarding clever storage solutions and bespoke features.

With a choice of mirrored, hinged or sliding doors, you can truly make the space your own.

Alternatively, for walk-in wardrobes, I can panel the walls prior to the installation of bespoke shelving and hanging spaces, creating a room that looks like your own personal boutique.

Project managing every aspect of a contract, I source all the materials relevant for the job in hand. And, as my overheads are considerably smaller than larger joineries throughout the Oxfordshire areas we cover, I am often in a position to offer more attractive prices to my Oxford and Chipping Norton clients.

For all installations, including my renowned made-to-measure wardrobes, I offer a 1-year workmanship guarantee and will always acknowledge the warranties provided by the manufacturers of the products and materials I use.

Toffee Hammer Carpentry – Small but Mighty

To find out more about the made-to-measure wardrobes I install for my Oxford and Chipping Norton clients, call 07766 162236.