Specialised TV Units and Bespoke Carpentry in Oxford | The Benefits of Custom-Made Entertainment Units

Why choose tailor-made options if there’s a product online or in store that will do the job? You may think so but, long term, will it be a good investment? Over the past few years the majority of my Oxfordshire clients found themselves spending a lot of time indoors – as did many across the country - and the sale of DVDs and online entertainment subscriptions rocketed. As a result more money was spent on larger and technologically advanced televisions and accessories. 

This instantly highlighted the issue about what stand would best suit the new equipment. And, if games consoles, DVD players, and other media sets are all on show, then how would the issue of cable management be addressed?

That’s where my 12 years of dedicated experience came into play. Toffee Hammer Carpentry is a specialised bespoke joinery company which focuses on bespoke carpentry, handmade furniture, made-to-measure wardrobes and bespoke TV units for clients throughout Oxfordshire.

Why Choose Tailor-Made Products?

I’ve put together a list of the reasons why my entertainment units stand out as both practical and stunning designs. The points raised can easily address my other items of handmade furniture as well.


Custom bespoke joinery pieces are designed and created for a single client, thus making each piece completely unique. The items will only suit their requirements and no-one else’s. The timbers chosen, the number of drawers or shelves, the handles selected and the size of the overall units are all specific to one client. Everyone’s taste is different, after all. 


Handmade furniture permits you to add certain features or, if you have a design in mind that you’ve seen online or in a magazine, remove items to suit your personal taste. The image may only be available in pine with a certain amount of drawers whereas I can replicate or enhance it using: 

  • Salvaged Mahogany

  • Oak

  • Walnut

  • Or Much More…


Because my bespoke TV units, bespoke carpentry products, made-to-measure wardrobes and handmade furniture and gifts are all created by me, I put a lot of effort into their production. This allows me to spend time perfecting each joint, checking the drawer runners, securing every fixture and thoroughly examining the item upon completion to ensure it will last.  


I specialise in storage solutions that make the most out of the units I construct and the area in which they are fitted. Whether to choose to have items on display or conveniently concealed, I guarantee your overall view experience will be heightened by the fact you won’t be facing a messy bundle of wires or an overflowing collection of DVDs. 

For my clients in Oxford and the surrounding areas throughout Oxfordshire, if you’re considering made-to-measure wardrobes and bespoke TV units, why not consider my bespoke carpentry and bespoke joinery services?

Toffee Hammer Carpentry – Small but Mighty

Call 07766 162236 for more information about the bespoke TV units and carpentry services I design for my wide range of clients in Oxford and the surrounding Oxfordshire areas.